7 Essential Tips for Traveling with Companion Dogs

Are you planning for a weekend trip or long vocations? And looking for a pet sitter for your companion dog? Well you can find pet sitter for your dog but not taking him is not the only and best option because in this way your mind will be engaged in thinking about that your dearest part of family is dependent on someone else to be taken care of. To avoid this unwanted stress during your vocations take your pet dog with you. In this case both of you will be relaxed and can spend a good fulfilled time with each other as schedules are looser. To make sure your dog stays healthy, happy and safe while travelling it requires packing some essentials for your dog. Let’s list down few things that you and your puppy will require while traveling together.

Vaccination Records:

First and foremost thing, never forget to keep your pups vaccination documents with you. You may require these documents when traveling to some other country to meet the vaccination requirements of the company you are traveling to. While on the other side you may require it if your little mate catches any sickness or minor injury while having fun.

First Aid Kit:

After vaccination records keeping some first aid essentials are necessary to be in your dog’s bag pack. Keep some tweezer to remove ticks, antiseptic wipes, a box of sterilize absorbent gauze, surgical tape, and some bandages to meet any emergency situation or minor injuries if any occurs.


As new places are unknown for you it is unknown for him too. Therefore attach a tag with your current contact details or some close friend’s contact details to find your furry mate incase if you miss him somewhere.

Bed and Crate:

Animals like things they are known to, I would recommend always carry your Fido’s favorite blanket with him. This will help him to have sleep sound after tiring days.

Fun Stuff:

As you keep stuff to relax and enjoy yourself you must keep some known soft or interactive toys for your companion. Bringing toys from home keeps him calm when he becomes anxious while travelling because of its known smell. You can find some fun stuff for your companion dog on my latest post.


The most favorite part of life according to me is food same goes for my pup. Therefore, I always carry as much as his favorite food as I can even I keep a little extra. There are two reasons behind it, the first one is that if you fall short of his favorite food you may find difficulty to find food of same taste and brand. The other reason is that trying on new food can upset his stomach and I am sure you will not be in any mood to spoil your vocations to see for a doctor.

Pet Carrier:

Whether you are going for a road trip or on flight always find a suitable pup carrier for your little pup in which he can fit comfortably. Do not go for too small carrier it could stress him out. Taking a carrier with you will make easy to carry him while on the other side you can easily place his carrier down your feet which will save space on car seat.

In addition to this always lineup your furry companions carrier with dry fur. I know your pet is potty trained but while traveling dogs become stressed and sometimes pee. The dry fur in the carrier will absorb all the moisture keeping him comfortable.

Author Bio:

Wendy Shore is a parent of two amazing dogs. She is very enthusiastic about pet health and welfare in general. She regularly blogs at Totally Goldens.

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