5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Russia in the Winter

This winter you should ditch your traditional festivities and travel to Russia for the most spectacular winter festivities and sites. Russians do winter better than anyone else, and they do it year-round. During the wintertime, you can experience fun holidays, see some of the best ballerinas in the world perform, and you’re guaranteed to see snow. There are many amazing places to visit in the winter, but these are the top five most compelling reasons you should choose Russia over the rest this year.

1. Witness Incredible Landscape from the Trans-Siberian Railway

Since 1891, travelers have been trekking along the tracks of the Trans-Siberian Railway. It’s the largest railway in the entire world and runs through most of Russia. The length and industrialization of this railway is amazing, but that’s not why you need to visit it. Along the tracks of the railway, you can see the most amazing sites Russia has to offer. Travelers come from all over the world just to walk by the tracks and experience the euphoria from seeing the natural beauty of the country’s landscapes. If you’re an adventurer at heart, traveling along the Trans-Siberian Railway is a must. The winter season is the best time to navigate the trail because it’s when you’ll see the most jaw-dropping views. Yet if you’re not up for walking it, you can ride one of the trains to witness it all instead. The top spot to see while journeying on the Trans-Siberian Railway is Lake Baikal. During the winter is the best time to see this frozen lake, and it’ll make you wish you brought your skates. Each view along the way of the railroad is spectacular and worth experiencing. So when you’re deciding on your next winter vacation, make sure to put exploring the Trans-Siberian Railway at the top of your list.

2. Explore the Energetic and Artsy Vibes of Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is an energetic and bustling city with an abundance of culture, events, and amazing sites. Although it’s not the official capital of Russia, it’s regularly referred to as the cultural capital of Russia. Inside this beautiful city sits one of the largest art museums in the world, The Hermitage. It encapsulates so much of Saint Petersburg’s personality. The pastel-painted architecture gives the city a lighter feel, especially during the wintertime. Since the city is located along the Baltic Sea, the ocean breeze and clear sky will leave you feeling incredibly refreshed. This city almost seems to be painted blue, from its lightly colored churches and historical structures to its sky and ocean. All the beauty and art that Saint Petersburg has to offer this winter is only a plane ride away.

3. Marvel at the Snow-Covered Architecture of Moscow

Moscow is the perfect place to visit during the winter if you want to have fast-paced fun in a beautiful, snow-covered city. As the capital and most highly-populated city in all of Russia, you can find entertainment on almost every corner. From nightly performances to lively bars, you definitely won’t be short on activities to do. All the architecture in the city is intricately designed with an array of vibrant colors and elegant designs that matches its spirit. During the winter, it looks like a real-life version of Candyland, except better because it’s real. Moscow is the perfect destination for your next winter vacation.

4. Indulge in the Natural Beauty of the Republic of Karelia

The Republic of Karelia is set in the northwest region of Russia and is located between the White and Baltic Seas. A visit to this area during the winter is the perfect time to relax while enjoying a spectacular view. Since it’s located along shorelines, many people travel to the area to fish, relax, and explore the beautiful nature. After visiting the upbeat city of Moscow, you’ll need a breather and some time to absorb the incredible scenery. The Republic of Karelia is the perfect area to do just that. However, don’t forget your camera when visiting this area. You’ll definitely want to remember these views!

5. Experience the historical elegance of The Golden Ring

The Golden Ring is a circle of towns that each protect the history of Russia in their own way. They’re located near to Moscow and have been said to be the most attractive sites to see in all of Russia. Each town has its own stylistic flair that express a distinctive characteristic of Russian culture and history. Among them are Sergiyev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Rostov Velikiy, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal, and Vladamir. Not only will you be able to learn about the rich history of Russia when visiting these towns, but you’ll also see amazing architecture covered in fresh white snow. During the wintertime, you can see silver-dusted cathedrals, churches, onion domes, monasteries, and kremlins. There is no better time to see this architecture than during the winter. It’s not hard to see why The Golden Ring is one of the largest tourist attractions in Russia, especially during the winter season.

Every country has a beauty to offer of its own, but during the wintertime, Russia beats them all. It’s the perfect country to visit this chilly season for the most stunning views of its cities, lakes, and architecture of your life. So pack your bags and plan your trip!

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