5 Best Places To Fish In California

Fishing is one of the best hobbies for spending the free time after a busy life. Fishing makes you active during the whole time. You can enjoy this hobby along with your family. Everybody loves fishing. But if you are a native of California, then I have some places to share with you where you must go for fishing. If you are looking for catfish, striped bass, pan fish and much more then California is the best for you. By the way, without fishing gear and accessories your fishing trip is incomplete. So it is better to take them with you.

There are many places for fishing in California.

Lake Shasta

Are you interested catching different species of fishes? You can find different and many types of fish there. It is one of the best places for fishing. Then Lake Shasta is best for you. Lake Shasta is within Whiskeytown, Shasta-Trinity National Restriction Area. You will feel good about the diversity of the lake. Whether you like to fish salmon, largemouth, catfish, crappies, rainbow trout, sunfish sturgeon and much more, then you must visit Lake Shasta. It is 4,552,000 acres at the full pool. It has the elevation of 1067ft. I hope you will like this place and visit soon.

Lake Berryessa

Another popular fishing spot in California is Lake Berryessa. It is the highly rated Lake. If you want to go Lake Berryessa, then you have to go east of Napa Valley. It is 45 minutes’ drive from Rutherford. And it is worth of a trip. You will enjoy sightseeing for sure. You can do water skiing, tubing and so on. You will benefit from the diversity of the lake. For a long time, this place is on the top list for a fishing spot. This lake includes largest kokanee salmon. You can get fish which is up to 6 pounds if you are lucky.

Lake Tahoe

If you are looking forward to a fantastic fishing trip along with your friends and family where you can enjoy sightseeing, scenery, blue waters and snow peaks then Lake Tahoe is the best place for you. It is like one in one package for you. It is worth of a visit. Before thinking about visiting Lake Tahoe, you must know about its way around. It is like 72 miles to go around, and it will take about two hours. It is situated near the border of California and Nevada. It might make you think it is east and west Tahoe.

Lake Camanche

Those who love catfish fishing and bass fishing this lake will surely suit you best. The best part of this lake is you can take your kids along with you. They can learn and catch fish with you. It is safe for them as well. You will surely enjoy with your family here. This lake is multi-award winner campground. The address of this lake is 2000 Camanche Road, Ione, CA 95640. It opens 5 am to 11 pm. It is featured with 760 tents spread over two shores. Many sites offer you to take immediate lake access while others have a short walk.

Lake Chabot

Are you searching for an easy fishing spot in Central California? Then you should visit Lake Chabot. It is stocked and filled with bass, catfish, bluegill, trout and crappie. This lake is over 371 acres. It is capable of supplying plenty of fish for those people who lives in Alameda Country. People there will not allow swimming in the lake. But there is more than swimming you can enjoy with your family. You can boat in the lake, fishing, or enjoy sightseeing. There are more things you can dig in. If you want to enjoy these activities, then pay a visit there.

Everybody knows that California is the best place for fishing in the world. If fishing is in your blood, then please make sure that you have visited these places. You will surely have good and wonderful memories there. You can fish and catch different types of species of fishes like small or big doesn’t matter. You can have the quality of time there. The sightseeing of those places will charm your eyes.

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