5 of the Best Activities to do and Restaurants to Visit in New Delhi, India

New Delhi is India’s capital. It is a huge city that has an astounding history, culture, cuisine, tourist spots, and great people. It ranks fourth in the most populous city as per the National Capital Territory of Delhi at it houses almost 300,000 residents.

Tourists are spotting on the city’s rich culture and cuisine aside from its beautiful and remarkable tourist destination. New Delhi prides itself on not just one but three UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, and Red Fort – all are situated within the city’s boundaries.

Nobody will ever get bored in New Delhi. In fact, it requires loads of energy for someone to savor the special things the city has to offer. There are so many unique places to enjoy as the city is colored with fun places, interesting sceneries, and a nice walk-through of its culture with the help of its locals.

To get you in the savory of New Delhi, we list five of the best activities to do and another five restaurants to try out:

5 Activities You Should Not Miss

Activities will surely get you started. To explore and get to know New Delhi more, here are some of the activities you should not dare miss:

1. Hear Qawwalis at Dargah of Nizamuddin, Auliya

Qawwalis refers to devotional music. It is one of the best things to start on when you want to get to know the culture and how people in New Delhi are. You can get to hear the devotional music at Dargah of Nizamuddin, Auliya, as Indians value and respect their religion so much.

Qawwalis are religious and devotional songs being played during sunset.

2. Take a trip down memory lane at the Red Fort

Red Fort belongs to the cities three UNESCO World Heritage destinations. It is around since the Mughal Empire and the British era took place centuries ago, thus, making it one of the most historical places not just in Delhi but in the whole of India.

3. Try out the city’s public transportation

Get to know the city further by riding its public transportation like the Delhi metro. In this way, you can explore different places and get to be with the locals and see how they run their days.

4. Visit the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

What is your visit if you are not going to pay some sight to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum. The museum was the former home of Indira Gandhi, also known as Indira Gandhi Smriti. She was a controversial prime minister who served India for years. She was shot dead in 1984 by her bodyguards.

5. Shop

Do not leave New Delhi, India without exploring and buying some of its Indian crafts. There are many souvenirs you can take with you to get you reminded how fun your trip was to the city.

There is also so many thrift finds around Connaught Place, a specific area for several outlets and bazaars.

5 Restaurants to Visit in New Delhi

One of the best ways to get the city’s culture is through its cuisine. Herein, we give you five of the best restaurants in New Delhi that you should try during your visit:

1. Karim’s

Karim’s New Delhi historic restaurant
Karim is one of the most popular restaurants in New Delhi, India. It serves the cuisine of Mughal Empire since 1913. It is considered to be the top choice to taste mutton Burra kebabs and the infamous Indian tandoori chicken.

Nothing much has really changed about the place. It is still simple and straight-forward yet gives the ultimate authentic Indian cuisine dining.

2. Dum Pukht

Dum Pukht features a selection of meat, herbs, and authentic Indian spices. It is known for its potted food sealed with dough and cooked in a very low heat.

3. Moti Mahal

moti mahal new dehli
Moti Mahal is considered to be Delhi’s oldest restaurant up to date. The restaurant was founded in 1947, shortly after the independence of India was declared. It is known for their special Burra kebabs, tandoori chicken, and some North Indian recipes.

4. Dakshin

Dakshin serves various recipes from the Southern Indian cuisine. The restaurant is situated at the Sheraton Hotel in New Delhi. Dakshin prides itself on serving authentic regional food with a touch of some historical Indian art.

5. Punjabi by Nature

Punjabi is one of the most famous restaurants in New Delhi that ventured on expanding to different locations. The restaurant serves the city’s favorites such as raan-e-Punjab, a slow roasted lamb’s leg served with butter, cream, and black lentils.

New Delhi is not just a sight to see but also a city to love. Its culture cultivates what India has to offer with the combination of history and post-modern art. The city gives a whole lot meeting to exploring various activities and enjoying a nice authentic Indian food you sure be craving for.








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