5 Adventure Sports You Must Try In Hawaii

For all the adrenaline junkies who are visiting Hawaii this year, you have to know about all the extreme sports you can try out. Lucky for you, Hawaii is filled with such opportunities where you get to try out daring and exciting adventures. For the thrill seekers reading this, we will be shedding light on the heart-pounding sports in Hawaii. Whether you are an expert adrenaline-junkie or an amateur looking for something exciting, there are plenty of activities for everyone. If you are going on a vacation to Hawaii soon, check out these adventure sports that are a must-try.


Surfing is deeply intertwined with its culture and history. If you love to surf, then there is no better place to experience it and commune with the ocean truly. The waves and waters in Hawaii are one of a kind and surfing on those waves is a whole another experience you cannot get from anywhere else. In Hawaii, surfing is not just a pastime, but it is something people hold close to their hearts. Every winter, many surfers from all over the world come to this place during the Vans Triple Crown.

One of the most popular viewing spots here is Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline in Oahu. You will find that there are plenty of options for beginners to learn about surfing. If you want to practice surfing at calmer waters, you should head to Big Island’s Kahalu’u Bay in Kona, where there are surf instructors at your disposal. If you cannot travel to different beaches, don’t worry, because almost every island in Hawaii will offer you surfing lessons where you can learn the basics. Lessons last from one to two hours and are led by experienced surfers. For people who are first-timers, longboards are used to make it even easier, and the rest will happen with a push from your instructor. Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is popular among those who want to ride their first wave.


Hawaii is also home to beautiful lush forests with an abundance of exotic animals. There are various species of wild boar and deer that you will come across in the forests. Axis deer is one of the most popular game mammals you can hunt in Hawaii. If you are used to hunting with a crossbow, we recommend the best Excalibur axiom crossbow for an amazing hunting experience.


As popular as Hawaii’s waters are, there are other thrilling adventures on the land too. Ziplining is an activity that you cannot skip while you are in Hawaii because there is nothing better than speeding through Hawaii’s beautiful land on a thin rope. Zip lining will give you the sensation of flying/gliding across landscapes, which is pretty amazing. When you are zip lining through the forests/jungles, you will be using specialized equipment and a harness that would be attached to a cable. With this cable, you will descend through the landscape.

The best place to go ziplining is Kualoa Ranch in Oahu. Feel the cool refreshing breeze while you travel through the tropical landscapes in Hawaii. There will be tours available that will include horseback rides, zip lining, beach expeditions, and more. If you have never done zip lining, and want to try it out, there is no better place to do it. However, if you are a first-timer, you should try a shorter zip line first and then experience the longer one if you still love it. Choose your tour operator wisely!

Shark Touring

Sharks are considered to be dangerous predators by most people, but that is not always true. Sharks are the majestic creatures that you have to watch live, or you are missing out on a lot. The shark tours in Hawaii will take you to an area where the sharks are present. While going to that place, you will get to learn about these creatures through your tour guide and the ocean environment. These tours are amazing because they are environment-friendly too. There is no aimless catching, anchoring or tampering with the reef. Sharks would swim around your cage, and you can see how they behave in their natural habitat.

Spend your afternoon interacting with these animals, and your perspective on sharks might just change forever. Forget about everything you have seen in movies, and see the reality. Sharks are also central to many Hawaiian legends. There are shark tours on Oahu and Maui, where you can get on the boats that will take you to meet sharks. While you are in the open ocean, you can also view sea turtles, dolphins, and humpback whales.

Cave Diving

If you thought Hawaii’s landscape is beautiful, wait till you saw what was under all that land. For people who have done scuba diving, underwater cave exploring as another good option. Go on an underwater cave exploration as you scuba dive through the various caverns and crevices. Some popular caves you can visit are Makaha Caverns, The Spitting Caves, Bubble Cave, and Three Room Cave. The Spitting Caves on Oahu has five different sized caves that are naturally carved out by strong currents over the course of thousands of years. You can encounter the great Hawaiian Monk Seal, White tip reef sharks, Eagle Rays, large eels, frogfish, and turtles in the Spitting Cave. Bubble Cave in Maui has a large air bubble at the surface level, thus the name. You have to access the cave through a narrow underwater lava tube.

If you are used to doing extreme diving, these caves should be your next stop. People with no previous diving experience should first practice their skills at easier dives. Three Room Cave on Big Island gives you a chance to see Hawaiian lobsters, mole lobsters, ghost shrimp, puffer fish, and nudibranchs. Located in Oahu, Makaha Caverns are formations that were created by hot lava flowing into the ocean.

Make your Hawaiian vacation even more special with these adventure sports!

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