3 Foods You Need to Try While in Russia

ravelling can be stressful. From airport parking to finding your gate (on time), to actually enjoying the city you’re visiting. It’s easy to get caught up in the anxiety that comes from deadlines and rushing about the place when you’re on your way to a new country.

So when I made my trip to Russia from New Zealand, I made sure I had my eye on the prize – food. From the Auckland airport car parking, to making my way through security, right up until my plane finally arrived in Moscow. I was thinking about all the delicious food I was about to consume.

Now Russia may not have the international reputation that Italy or France does in terms of it’s cuisine. But I assure you, it really should.

Russian food stems from the needs of people to feel comfortable and warm during the cold and extremely harsh winters. Yes, this means exactly what you’re hoping. Russian food is FULL of carbs. It’s extremely heavy, full of meat and stodgy vegetables – absolutely packed with flavour.

Because I love Russian cuisine so much I really think everybody should get a chance to try it. Here are five of my favourite meals to eat while in Russia:

1. Solyanka


Solyanka is a very heart stew, served as a soup. It’s absolutely packed full of ingredients. It’s pretty much available everywhere and is a favourite amongst the locals too. It can be a fish, meat or vegetable dish. It’s extremely tasty and full of flavours that make it an unmissable meal while visiting this country.

2. Pirog

Pirog is a Russian pie packed with either savoury or sweet ingredients. The pastry it’s made from is incredibly puffy and thick. It has never let me down, ever. This is the first meal I had while I was in Russia and I left wanting more.

3. Vodka

Ok, this is not a meal. But it’s essential that when in Russia you try the vodka. It’s basically a national food. Going to Russia and not trying their vodka is unacceptable.

There are a lot more meals that I love, but these are just a few of my favorites. Russia is an amazing country to visit. It’s mystery, culture and history are unlike any other country in the world. Do yourself a favour and visit this wonderful place – make sure you try the food too!

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