18 Incredible Spots to Visit on Your Next Adventure Across Canada

It’s difficult to imagine a more enchanting country than Canada. It’s got it all. Iced-capped
mountains. Shimmering lakes. The Northern Lights. Polar bears. Drake. Bieber.
However, the unfortunate fact is that – at almost 10 million km 2 – it’s too vast to see on a two-
week road trip. So to help you optimize your next adventure across Canada, here are 18
incredible spots to visit.

To make things easy, I’ve broken it down into cities, islands, and natural wonders. Plus, I’ve
thrown in a few wild cards at the end to keep things interesting. Enjoy and safe travels!

Five Cities to Visit

1. Quebec City, Quebec


Tour the cobblestone streets of Quebec City and plunge into a gorgeously European side to
Canada. Yes, the winters get chilly. But the utterly charming 17 th and 18 th century architecture
will warm your cockles. History enthusiasts will also adore Old Quebec, a UNESCO World
Heritage Site of fortifications, grand architecture, and the Château Frontenac, a historic hotel
that resembles a Disney palace.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia


Nestled on Canada’s Pacific coast, Vancouver is a multicultural metropolis known for its friendly
locals and the beauty of its natural surroundings. Spend days wildlife watching (gray whales,
orcas, and grizzly bears are all Vancouver residents). And, in the evening, delight in the city’s
famed foodie scene.

3. Toronto, Ontario

To see the lively side of Canada, head to Toronto. Yes, it’s the birthplace of Drizzy. But it’s also
one of Canada’s cultural hubs blessed with a vibrant array of attractions. Check out its
outstanding museums
and galleries, plus its buzzing nightlife. To chill, enjoy quiet time
walking by Lake Ontario.

4. Victoria, British Columbia


With a name like Victoria, you won’t be surprised to hear there’s a strong British influence in
BC’s capital. Afternoon tea. Fish and chips. Cricket. It’s got it all. But it’s also developed its own
charm. Very bike friendly, a great day is spent when you hop on a bicycle and tour the
stunning Galloping Goose Regional Trail.

5. Montreal, Quebec

For a culture blast, hit up Montreal. Unsurprisingly for a city with a strong French influence, its gastronomic scene is popping. However, it’s the art festivals that are the stand-out attractions for many. From cinema to jazz, pop to comedy. There’s something for everyone in Montreal.

Four Islands to See

1. Cape Breton Island


Eye-wateringly beautiful, Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia is blessed with stunning mountainous peaks and a lush, forest covering. The highlight for many is to drive the Cabot Trail, a coastal highway that passes through Cape Breton Highlands National Park and by the Margaree River.

2. Vancouver Island

I’m going to state the bleeding obvious and say Vancouver Island is stunning. Get into nature
and explore its dramatic coastlines and ancient forests. The West Coast Trail is a particular joy,
taking in remarkable coastal vistas.

3. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is famous for its stunning red-sand beaches and fresh seafood. However,
for something completely different, visit the “singing sands” beach at Basin Head. It won’t
win American Idol any time soon, but rub your feet into its sands and you’ll hear a squeaking-
type sound that kinda sounds like singing. With emphasis on the “kinda”.

4. Baffin Island


Baffin Island is huge. The fifth largest island in the world. But for somewhere so expansive, it’s
surprisingly difficult to reach. In fact, you’ll need to fly in. But, once you’re there, it’s well worth
the effort. Parked on the edge of the Arctic Circle, Baffin is a great place to watch polar bears
and beluga whales
. Plus there’s plenty of national parks and natural wonders to explore.

Five of the Best Natural Wonders

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Canada

Niagara Falls is simply unmissable. Life-affirming. Awe-inspiring. A must. Yes, you’ve probably
seen it on TV. But your 35-inch screen does nothing to capture the magnitude of this magnificent force of nature. Head to the Table Rock Welcome Center for a view over Horseshoe Falls, the biggest of the three waterfalls that combine to become the Niagara Falls.

2. Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park Canada

Image source: 1

A World Heritage Site, Dinosaur Provincial Park is home to a stunning array of vegetation and
animal life. Look out for golden eagles and prairie falcons. But the national park in Alberta is
also one of the world’s most important fossil-finding locations. So far, around different 60
dinosaur species have been discovered there.

3. Cathedral Grove

Piercing the sky at 75 meters tall, the ancient fir trees of Cathedral Grove have acquired an
almost mythical status. Tourists flock from around the world to see the 800-year-old beasts
based on Vancouver Island. Take one of the glorious nature trails to see them for yourself.

4. The Canadian Rockies


Image source: 2

Carving out the border between Alberta and British Columbia, the Canadian Rockies have a
church-like spirituality that will hit you deep in the soul. Visit Banff to see the best of the region, including the milky-turquoise waters of Moraine Lake.

5. The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes could do with a rebrand. The Astonishingly Ginormous Lakes would be far
more appropriate. Formed from five interconnecting lakes (Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie, and
Ontario) the expansive natural wonder is the largest group of freshwater lakes on the planet. If
you can, take a road-trip around one.

Four Wild Cards to Visit

1. Yellowknife for the Northern Lights

Yellowknife for the Northern Lights

Image source: 1

Yellowknife, in the Northern Territories, may seem a bit out of the way. But it’s one of the best
places in the world to see the aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights.

2. Churchill for the Polar Bears

Visit Churchill, on the shores of Hudson Bay, to enjoy an intimate experience with their resident
polar bear population. Obviously, I don’t recommend that you go searching the streets to see
one (a possibility in Churchill). Instead, book a polar bear watching tour for a safer

3. Kluane National Park to Climb Mount Logan

Mount Logan Canada

Kluane National Park in the Yukon is home to Canada’s highest peak, Mount Logan. A challenging hike for beginner climbers, you will need to train if you want to reach Mount Logan’s summit. Plus, you’ll need to hire a guide. In fact, it could get pretty costly. But, for thrill seekers, it’s well worth it.

4. The Grand Gathering in Quebec

The Grand Gathering in Quebec

Image source: 3

Haunting but spectacular in its own way, The Grand Gathering is an eerie collection of more
than 100 wood and stone statues on the banks of St Lawrence River. Constructed by Canadian
artist Marcel Gagnon, the figures disappear and reappear depending on the height of the tide.
Visit Le Grand Rassemblement (as it’s known in French), take some photos, and admire its
unapologetic weirdness.

So there you are, 18 incredible spots to visit on your next adventure across Canada. You won’t
be able to fit them into one trip. Heck, it’d be difficult to fit them into one lifetime. But try to see
as many as you can and you’ll enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

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