10 Must Have Travel Gears For Any Adventure

Adventure is a daring and risky activity that most of us wouldn’t like to do it. It involves mountaineering, skydiving, rafting, exploring etc. Usually, people do adventurous activities to earn fame to their country and the self. There are folks who do it for the cause of thrill also and the worst part of it is that even if one mistake happens the person would be no more. Moreover, adventures empower our mind with willpower, strength, courage, confidence, and it allows the adventurer to find a new trail leading to a discovery or invention.

Such mighty adventures cannot be performed by weak-hearted folks since the excess pumping of adrenaline could cause severe health disorders. Also, folks who perform these adventures cannot do it with the ordinary gears they have. They need different sophisticated items which are suitable for the type of their adventure. For example, people climbing mountains need an ax whereas a man surfing does not require it. Here are some of the travel gears which would be very useful, regardless of what place you want to visit on your travels.

1. Reliable thirst quencher

Water is the primary requirement for anyone who works hard. On that account, folks who go for adventurous activities should have a water filtering technique of some kind. Usually, a filter with a pen-like structure can filter 40 half liters of water with a USB battery and a UV light. There are also tablets available to purify the water. This filtering technique is used to prevent the folks from falling ill due to the contaminations in the flowing water.

2. Solar source

Adventurers while climbing a mountain may need various electronic devices like a walkie-talkie to communicate with each other, but where would they get the power for that device. They can’t come down the hill to charge their device; at the same time, they can’t take a power bank with them as it would become useless in some hours. So the ultimate solution is the solar energy. The equipment which they use is powered by the solar energy which would not get deprived until the sunset. Even after sunset, these devices can use the stored energy from the sun, but not for a long time.

3. First aid kit

First aid kit is a small medical kit which contains medicines for a headache, vomiting, diarrhea, body pain, scratches, insect bites, plasters, bandages etc. Each adventurer should have one of these first aid kit boxes to treat themselves because while mountaineering one cannot expect another one to treat him within seconds. But, you can help you in no time and reduce the risk of infection at such a huge height. Without this kit, a person going for an adventure is very much similar to suicide.

4. Mosquito repellent

There are different adventurous activities in this world and each task has a specific type of hindrance. Folks who go inside the dense and swampy forests should be very careful about the disease-causing vectors like mosquitoes that cause malaria. So, care should be taken to chase away not only mosquitoes but also various other insects which can cause harm. The ingredients used to manufacture this lotion would not be too harsh on your skin as it uses, peppermint oil, lemon-grass oil, and citronella oil. So, applying a mosquito repellent lotion all over the body would bring you safety and hygiene.

5. Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are specialized bags which are made up of synthetic material which can trap your heat inside the bag itself and it would not let your body heat escape from the bag. Mountaineering folks cannot expect a warm and tropical climate at the top of the hill to have a rest and nap. Of course, they can go for fire, but there are also problems in that too. If they heat up the snow at the base of the slope what would happen to the snow at the top? That would lead to an avalanche. So, to have a peaceful sleep it is necessary for the adventurers to have a sleeping bag to rest for a while.

6. Sun protection

Even though sun can be very helpful in providing solar energy to the electronic equipment which the adventurers have, personally they would get tired of the hot sun rays. It may also cause burns, pustules, irritations, and headaches and to subdue these issues proper sun protection methods like using sunscreen lotion and hydrating yourselves should be done. Wearing hats and sunglasses and appropriate clothes also serve as a part of sun screening.

7. Waterproof cases

Waterproof cases are really worthwhile gadgets which hold money, electronic items like smart phones, speakers; headphones etc. The significant feature of this case is the prevention of drenching of the items inside it. Even if the adventurer does his job amidst the turbulent flow of water from a falls these cases would not allow the water inside thus providing good protection to those sensitive items.

8. Nutritional bites

Nutritional bites are healthy bites which afford for the valuable replacement of the nutrients lost after a lot of work. These nutritional bites are rich in protein and carbohydrates as they are made up of sucrose, fructose of oats and barley. They act as an effective replacement for our regular food and also they don’t contain any sort of sugar alcohol which would degrade our health. Moreover, these foods are very much simple and consume less space in your backpack providing the same energy as the energy from your regular food.

9. Knives and multi-tools

Without appropriate tools doing a job would be almost impossible. On that account, for a person to climb a mountain he needs special tools like ropes, ice axes, pulleys, boots, harness, helmet etc. Each tool mentioned here has its own contribution to the adventurer. Moreover, he also needs knives and certain other tools to reinforce his harness with the rock. The boots used for such explorations would be made up of hard outer plastic and soft inner lining in order to protect his feet.

10. Head light

A headlight would be also an important tool for all adventures. The headlight which they use should have high intensity such that the light penetrates through the dark and dense forests. Only then while they climb over steep surfaces, it would be very useful for them to check small rock crevices for venomous insects and then place the hand for grip. Moreover, the headlight should contain a strap to fasten it around his head and also the headlight should be touch sensitive thus turning it on only when it is touched which also saves power.

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