10 Hidden Natural Wonders in the US Where You Should Plan Your Next Trip

Savvy travellers are always in search of hidden places that they can visit and enjoy.

If you wanted to take some time from the bustling city life and planning for a trip then, this article is going to help you.

Inside this article, we are going to take a closer look at the ten hidden natural wonders in the US where you should plan your next trip.

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Now, let’s jump to the amazing natural sites in the US.

1) Grant Sand Dunes National Park:

You probably know the common National park landscapes like the Grand Canyon, but have you ever heard about the Grand Sand Dunes National Park?

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Image source: mycoloradoparks

You will be amazed after seeing the massive size as well as the diversity of this park.

The park remains open 24/7 and is in exceptional conditions. The park is elevated at a higher location, so the climate is quite cold all across the year. In the summer, you have to face intense sunlight in the park.

The entry fee varies from $25 to $45 depending on various conditions.

Inside the park, you can do various activities like hiking, backpacking, sandboarding, sand sledging, etc.

However, you need to be careful while travelling to the Grand Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, as it’s massive in size where you can get lost yourself as well as your belongings.

2) Bar Harbor:

Bar Harbor is known for offering majestic views and adventures to travellers. It is surrounded by valleys, sandy beaches and ocean cliffs.

It is also an ultimate place for exploring all types of bird species. The weather conditions are the same throughout the year; therefore, you can visit Bar Harbor at any season.

Bar Harbor Maine

Image source: tripsavvy

Apart from the vacation destination, Bar Harbor has become the economic centre, and people of various professions work there.

It has become the favourite place of digital nomads. The high-speed internet connection and a cool environment attract many people to visit and live near Bar Harbor.

3) Na Pali Coast:

Na Pali Coast is about 17 miles long and has been known for its natural beauty. You can explore the Na Pali Coast via sea or air.

Na Pali Coast Hawaii

Image source: hawaii

The Na Pali Coast has an immense historical significance. Camping is allowed in only three sites near the Na Pali Coast.

It was the centre of trade between the Hanalei and Waimea, and you also require a valid permit for camping in this area.

You can also discover a rafting adventure on the Na Pali Coast.

Its natural splendour is so awesome that it will create a deep impression in your mind.

There are many affordable and cheap flights available which can you can take to reach the Na Pali Coast from any part of the country.

4) Florida Barrier Reefs:

Florida Barrier Reef is the only barrier reef in the United States. It extends from Florida to the Marquesa keys.

If you are interested in seeing the undersea wonders, then definitely visit Florida Barrier Reef. With the Snorkeling, you can witness the underwater environment.

Florida Barrier Reef for Snorkeling

Image source: opalunpacked

Most of the people visit Florida Barrier Reef for Snorkeling, and it is considered as an ideal place for it.
Tourists have to follow various guidelines while visiting Florida Barrier Reef.

As per the FDEP, i.e., Florida Department of Environmental Protection, there are more than 6,000 reefs situated around this area.

5) Multnomah Falls:

Multnomah Falls is a 611 Foot waterfall that attracts hundreds of tourists every day. Watching its icy water can be a mind-blowing experience for you.

You can enjoy visiting Multnomah Falls with your friends or family. The most exciting thing is that you don’t require any pass or fee to see the elegance of this waterfall.

That’s Amazing, right?

Multnomah Falls

Image source: wikipedia

As per the local travel guide, this waterfall was created to win the heart of a princess who wanted to have a hidden place for a bath. So, this waterfall has a great history and a lot of cultural importance.
Multnomah Falls look even more magnificent during the rainy season.

6) Vieques:

Vieques is the island where you can experience the real meaning of the tropical bliss. You can witness the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world on this island.

There are many developed and developing island in the Vieques that can give you a piece and comfort.

Vieques island

Image source: discoverpuertorico

Have you ever seen or heard about the Pasa Fino horses?

If not then, book a ticket to the Vieques where you can see this elegant Pasa Fino horses.

You can also visit Faro Punta Mulas located in the Vieques to see some incredible collections of photos and different type of artwork.

7) Lost River Cave:

The Lost River Cave considered as the natural landmark where you can participate in various activities.

The most exciting part of the Lost River Cave is its Cave Boat Tour. It is a thrilling part of everyone’s trip whenever they visit the Lost River Cave.

You can see the Kentucky butterfly species in the Charlie Miller Butterfly Habitat. Here, 23rd June is named as the Annual Butterfly Celebration Day.

Lost River Cave

Image source: https://www.kentuckytourism.com/lost-river-cave/

Local people can take the membership of the Lost River Cave and can visit at any time once they are a registered member of a cave.

There are various zip line tours like flying squirrel zipline, Lightning bug zipline available in the Cave, and both of them give you a delighting experience.

You can work as a volunteer and can also donate money to the Cave as per your wish.

8) Jackson Hole:

The next hidden natural wonder in the US is Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole is a small valley where you can visit fabulous places like Grand Teton National Park, Hit Town Square, Yellowstone National Park, etc.

The wildlife in the Yellowstone National Park is brilliant. Here, you get to see more than 500 hundred animal species.

Jackson Hole

Image source: jacksonholetraveler

Grand Teton National Park is full of pristine lakes, hiking trails, extraordinary marine life and serenity. The sunset and sunrise views that can be seen for this park are brilliant and heart-touching.

You may be thinking which is the best season to visit Jackson Hole?

The answer to this question depends on the activity that you have to do in the Jackson Hole. Generally, Winter, that means the time between November to early March is considered as the best season to visit the Jackson Hole.

9) Denali National Park:

Denali is spread over 6 million acres of land, and it has become the favourite place for couples. The number of tourists visiting the Denali National Park is growing every year.

You can drive on the roads of the Denali National Park without any hassle, and there are no fences on the streets.

Denali National Park

Image source: travelalaska

Talking about the weather condition, then we experience a cold climate all across this national park. Only in summers, you will see very intense sunlight in this national park.

A lot of migratory birds settle in the Denali National park during the winter season.

10) National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa:

National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa is the home to many marine species including, fishes, invertebrates, tortoises, etc.

National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa

Image source: scubadiverlife

As a tourist, you can visit this sanctuary at any time in the year, and the entry fee is also very less. You can experience the lush reefs in this sanctuary.

So, if you are one of those who wanted to enjoy the marine life in the best way and without any hassle then, National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa is for you.

Final Words

That ends our list of the ten hidden, amazing places in the United States.

Very fewer people visit them, but these destinations are perfect for travelling with families as well as friends.

All you need to do is pack your bag and book the flights to enjoy a memorable trip.

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