Russian Happy Birthday Song Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka in Russian/English

The song of the Crocodile Gena is a well-known work by V. Shainsky on the text of A. Timofeevsky, written for the children’s cartoon Cheburashka. From the date of the cartoon on television screens in 1972 – the song is invariably performed on the occasion of Children’s Birthdays. The song from the cartoon Cheburashka is… Read More »

Slavic Russian Mythological Creatures. Fairytale Mysteries, Old Ancient Deities

Slavic paganism is the deification of the environment. Endeavoring to explain natural phenomena or the lives of their ancestry and tribes, Slavic people created many fabled beings, gods who were similar by their ambitions and actions to people themselves. Their deals don’t run counter to common sense, the war between good and evil, light and… Read More »

Most Popular, Stereotypical, Unique Russian Male Names and Meanings

Male names originated from Slavic, Greek, Jewish names are popular in Russia today. Top 10 popular male names 2018 in Russia consists of the names such as Alexander, Dmitriy, Artyom, Alexey, Sergey, Ivan, Vladislav, Bogdan, Vladimir, and Daniil. You can translate Alexander from Greek as a “defender”. It’s one of the most popular male names… Read More »

Best Things To Do In Barbados

1. Go to the beach If you’ve so much as heard of Barbados undoubtedly the second thing you’ll have heard is just how gorgeous the beaches are and whoever told you that would be right to do so – the beaches in Barbados are stunning. With a gentle millpond on the west coast, and spectacular… Read More »

Bridge of Four Lions in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Image source: 1 Bridge of Four Lions is located in the centre of Saint Petersburg near the Yusupov Palace. The bridge is an architectural masterpiece. It’s a pedestrian single span suspension bridge. The bridge links Spasskiy and Kazanskiy islands. It spans the Griboyedov Canal. Bridge of Four Lions was designed by the engineer G. Tretter.… Read More »

Best Value Hotels in Moscow Near City Center (Kremlin and Red Square)

Affordable and Beautiful Hotels in Moscow with good location: Winewood Moscow Lounge Hotel “Winewood Moscow Lounge Hotel” is located in a vibrant neighborhood. Ulitsa 1905 Goda metro station is a three-minute walk away. You can’t find a better place to get to the Moscow Zoo and Patriarshiye Ponds as quickly as possible. You will… Read More »

Top 10 Most Important, Famous, Interesting Places in Moscow, Russia (Photos)

Is Moscow a good place to visit, good tourist/holiday destination? The city of Moscow is located in the Central Federal District of Russia and is an inland city. As the capital of Russia it is also the most populated city in the world that is considered inland with a population hovering around 11.5 million citizens.… Read More »

Best Popular Russian Traditional Desserts, Pastries, Beverages

The Eastern and Southern Slavic people have a round white bread called kalach, usually baked in the form of a ring with a small hole in the center. The Western Slavs used this as a ritual bread. They also used wedding karavai (a small round loaf). A kalach is a sort of high-quality white bread… Read More »

Have a Good Day in Russian

“Have a good day!” is “Хорошего дня!” (“Harosheva dnya!”). You can wish somebody to have a good day in the morning or in the afternoon. You should use this phrase at the end of a conversation. If the situation is official, you can add “Вам” (“Vam”) and say, “Хорошего Вам дня!” (“Harosheva Vam dnya!”). It… Read More »