Top 5 largest international (foreign) banks in Russia

Foreign international banks in Russia

International (western: European, American) banks in Russia According to Russian legislation, foreign banks in Russia can not open branches, but may have a share in Russian banks. In other words, foreign banks may open subsidiaries in the Russia, which are inherently Russian banks, but the founders are completely or partially foreigners. These banks operate on […]

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Top 10 Russian female singers: pop, folk, rock

Most popular Russian female singers, most of them are pop singers Famosa cantantes femeninas Rusas. Russische popsängerin, chanteuse russe populaire Zemfira – Земфира Zemfira burst into our lives like a hurricane, wiping off everything in its path. Deafening, mad, harsh vocals and caustic words, the image of a liberated girl – all immediately attracted to […]

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